What Short Beard Styles Can I Have?

Of the many short beard styles for men that are available, the goatee seems to be the most common and most popular by far. But did you know that despite the goatee being one of the many choices you can opt for in beard grooming, there are still options that are available in terms of style? Here are some of the most popular goatee beard styles you can choose from:

  • The Classic Goatee – It’s called a classic for a reason—it suits practically everyone. Hair is traditionally grown from just under the lip to the edge of the chin, and may or may not come with a mustache that connects it all together. It’s fairly easy to maintain, goes well with a mustache, and adds quite a bit of character.
    Goatee Beard Style
  • The Chin Strap – The chin strap is generally most popular amongst African-American men for short beard styles, and sometimes resembles the classic goatee, but without the mustache, and runs thinly along the length of the chin. One of the selling points of the Chin Strap amongst goatee beard styles is that it’s fairly easy to maintain.
    Chin Strap Beard Style
  • The Balbo – The Balbo is essentially a marriage between a thin mustache, a soul patch, and a thinner chin strap. Unlike the classic goatee, the mustache and beard don’t come together, and all of the hair is generally trimmed quite short. It terms of the amount of beard grooming, this is one of the short beard styles for men that can be quite fussy and high maintenance, as both mustache and beard needs constant trimming.
    Balbo Beard Style
  • The Wide Goatee – The wide goatee is one of the short beard styles that takes quite a bit of maintenance. In this particular goatee beard style, well-trimmed facial hair extends from where the classic goatee starts, and extends until the part of the jaw that is angled. Depending on personal choice, a mustache may or may not accompany this particular beard.
    Wide Goatee Beard Style
  • The Long Goatee – As the name suggests, the long goatee is essentially similar to the classic goatee, but in varying lengths. Whereas beard grooming requires the classic goatee to be relatively close to the skin, the long goatee can extend to up to a foot long, if you so desire.
    Long Goatee Beard Style