How to Grow a Full Beard Successfully

How to Grow a Full BeardSo you think you want to grow a full beard? First, identify what your reasons are for doing so (do you really want one, or are you just tired of shaving every day?), because your reasons will greatly affect and influence the course of your actions as you’re actually growing it out. Believe it or not, how to grow a full beard simply does not involve throwing away your razor. It requires a good deal of patience, and quite a bit of technique. If you’re willing to make the commitment, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

  • Stay committed – As we mentioned earlier, it takes patience and technique to grow a full beard. Make sure that you don’t have any important events in the next few weeks, as growing your beard out will involve a tricky and odd-looking phase.
  • Stop shaving – The first important step in how to grow a full beard is to let it all go. Do not go anywhere near your face with a razor or a shaver for at least four weeks. You may get the urge to snip and trim as your hair grows out, but don’t do it. Any miscalculations may greatly change the look you’re going for. If the itchiness is getting to you, make sure that you’re cleansing and moisturizing the area more than you usually do, as this will help lessen any discomfort as the hair grows out.
  • Choose a style – As you get further along the process and grow a fuller beard, consider the style that you want to go for. You may want to go to a professional to have your beard trimmed around the four-week mark, so you can avoid mistakes that will render the time investment you made useless. Also, your barber can make suggestions as to which of the many modern beard styles suits your face the most.
  • Don’t forget about grooming – If you think that growing a beard is licence to just let it all go, then you might want to rethink that thought. If you’re serious about sporting all that facial hair, then you have to remember that it just isn’t about how to grow a full beard. You’ll find that the upkeep takes as much commitment as it did when you were growing it out. Imagine how much nicer and put together you’ll look if you take the time out take care of your beard the way you should. You’ll find that it will make all the difference in the world.