So You Want to Know How to Grow a Beard Faster?

How To Grow A Beard FastSo you’ve decided to grow a beard, and you’re hoping to speed things up a little bit so you can enjoy the full effect (no pun intended) of you new look. If this is your first time, then you’re probably wondering how to grow a beard faster, and here are a few simple and relatively easy beard grooming tips you may find useful.

Before you begin:

  • Do your research. Before you set out on how to grow your beard faster, first figure out what kind of a beard you’d like to have. There are many beard styles you can choose from. Find one that suits your face, and enhances your features.
  • Allow your facial hair to grow out. Just let it be. Resist the urge to give in to the general misconception that frequent shaving will encourage faster and thicker hair growth. Although it’s quite understandable that you want to grow your beard faster, fact is that it simply won’t grow overnight. Wait for approximately three to four weeks, then you can start trimming and defining the growth to your preferred style, and/or as your actual hair growth will permit.

As it’s growing out:

  • Once you’re well on your way, one thing that will help you in your quest of how to grow a beard faster, you might want to start supplementing your diet by taking in more food that includes B vitamins, zinc, silica, and iron. You can also opt for over-the-counter nutritional supplements that include biotin that will give you the boost you need.
  • Keep the skin on your face (as you should with the rest of your body, actually) exfoliated and moisturized. Dry and flaking skin may lead to blocked hair follicles and may trigger the growth of ingrown hair. Washing the face with warm water and using a washcloth will help the pores open up and allow you to exfoliate more effectively. Afterwards, you may want to follow up with a light moisturizer that will likewise help with any itching you may experience as you’re growing out your beard.
  • Another thing that may help you how to grow a beard faster is by stimulating the area and massaging it with eucalyptus oil. Doing so will not only give the area the stimulus that it needs, but it will also serve to moisturize your skin, keeping it supple, and will stimulate faster hair growth.

One thing you might want to keep in mind as you’re growing out your beard is that the rate that hair grows, no matter where it’s located at, varies from person to person. There are many factors that come into play—age, hereditary influences, and so on, so there is no sure-fire and fool-proof way that will magically help you how to grow a beard faster. The only thing you can do is to be patient, and you just may be pleased with where it takes you.