Full Beard on Zack GalifianakisThere are different ways men can adopt to appear all “macho,” and get a grown up, rugged or mature look. Some of the ways are: through their dressing, their hairstyles, the way they carry themselves or speak, and majorly by growing a beard. Long beard styles specially add to your manliness and give you a grown-up and sturdy look. Now, what are the factors that influence a man’s choice of the beard style he decides to grow? These factors include the shape of their face- whether it is round, oval, thin; a broad/narrow jaw line; their complexion, their own preference or the preference of their spouses or partner. Religious factors and restrictions also influence the choice of beard style to a great extent, as many religions like Islam do not allow growing a goatee or going for any similar kind of beard styles. There are also a lot of people who do not stick to one style of beard for a long time and prefer variety by playing with and trying different styles of beards from time to time. They may sometimes grow a goatee, go with only stubble or let their beard grow until it grows to become what is called a “full beard.”

Generally when a reference is made to men’s beards, full beards are always on the top of the list as it is the traditional style and type of a male beard, while the rest of the styles are simple modifications and alterations of the original form. There are many reasons which underlie a man’s preference for full beards: firstly, the ability of sufficient hair growth to allow a full beard to grow, secondly, people with a narrow and well-defined jaw line often go for this style. Moreover, in order to hide their age, men may adopt this style or it may be chosen to give them a rugged, macho and an extremely manly look.

Full Beard StyleHowever, a full beard style does have its own drawbacks that need to be taken care of if a person decides to go with this style. Basically, a full beard requires a lot of maintenance, regular trimming, washing and it needs to be ensured that it is kept clean of dust, food and other particles. If cleanliness is ignored, the beard will give a very disorderly look and project a negative image at work and elsewhere. Hence, whatever beard style a person may choose, without proper attention and grooming, he will not be able to pull-off the desired look. Besides, if your question is how to grow a thicker beard, a full beard style may not be your best pick.