Different Beard Styles for Different Men

The proper beard styling can spell the difference between looking polished and debonair, to being unruly and unkempt. There are many different beard styles to choose from, but what may look like cool beard styles on other men may not suit you to a “T.” Why? Because finding the right one is highly dependent on your own unique facial features as well as your personality. While consulting with a professional barber will definitely help, below are the most common from the many different styles of beards that you can choose from:

  • The Stubble Effect – As the word suggests, this kind of a beard is approximately two, maybe three days’ worth of hair growth.
    Stubble Beard Style
  • The Soul Patch – Another option you have from the many different beard styles for men is the soul patch, which essentially is a clean-shaven face, with a small patch of hair growth just under the lip and above the chin.
    Soul Patch Beard Style
  • Sideburns – Fairly straightforward like its name suggests, this beard style is characterized by hair growth that begins at the temples, and extends down and along the jawline.
    Sideburns Beard Style
  • The Goatee – There are many variations of the goatee, but what it is essentially, is hair growth that’s mostly isolated only on the chin area, giving one the appearance of, well, a billy goat.
    Goatee Beard Style
  • The Chin Curtain – Another option amongst the different beard styles for men, this kind of beard is seen most commonly on men who belong to the Amish community. Hair is grown only on the lower portion of the face, along the jawline, and without an accompanying mustache.
    Chin Curtain Beard Style
  • The French Beard – The French beard is a variation of the goatee, and is characterized by a mustache accompanied by a small beard bridge. This style suits men with smaller chins, as it balances the proportions on the face by giving the illusion of a broader chin area.
    French Beard Style
  • The Full Beard – Of the many different beard styles, the full beard style is perhaps the one that may need the most upkeep, as it can look unkempt if not groomed properly.
    Full Beard Style
  • The Van Dyke – Named after 17th century painter Anthony van Dyck, this is one of the more stylized full beard styles that is essentially a marriage between a mustache and a goatee or a soul patch. The two are not connected, and the cheeks are left bare.
    Van Dyke Beard Style

So what is the beard style that suits you most? Only you can make that decision. Remember though, that of the many different beard styles you can choose from, the right one ought to compensate for whatever facial flaws you may have, and serve to enhance your features.