Beard Styles for Men

Beards have been a timeless fashion component for men since the beginning of time. Since the time of cavemen we seen men sporting unkempt ragged beards or facial hair which is a trend that has fruitfully been passed on from generation to generation undergoing numerous changes and modifications which have lead to the different beard styles for men we see today.

Though in early periods of time it may have been a necessity for men to wear beards; nowadays beard and moustache styles have become a style or fashion statement. Though traditional norms or customs have generally advocated for a clean shaven look these norms are quickly being modified or altered to fit the growing trend of beard wearing which is being associated by most men with manliness and style.

For years on end beard styles for men have been associated with roles playing an integral part in men’s lives particularly with regard to religion however, the 21st century has seen men’s beard styles move from their more conservative role to that of fashion and style. There is a wide range of beard grooming and trimming styles that every man can try experimenting with. The following are just a couple men beard styles you may be interested in trying out:

  • Balbo Beard Style: This beard style is quite similar to the goatee beard style however unlike the goatee style, Balbo beard style demands that the moustache and beard be separate or not linked to one another. Other variations of the Balbo beard style call for the omission of the moustache all together. This men’s beard style is both neat and upbeat making it fairly popular among many.
    Robert Downy Jr with Balbo
  • Goatee Beard Style: This is one among the many short beard styles that is popular among men today. This beard grooming style transcends all other styles and consists of a beard covering either the entire chin or only a part of the chin. This beard style can be accentuated with a moustache. Depending on ones personal preferences or popular opinion this beard can either be let to grow long or trimmed.
    Goatee Beard Style
  • Chin Beard Style: This beard style requires you to closely trim or groom a full beard in a manner that leaves cheeks completely shaved but allows for a thick line of hair along each side of your face up till your chin. Adding a moustache to this style helps give this beard style a complete look.
    Chin Beard
  • Full Beard: This men’s beard style is not difficult to visualize. With the full beard style shaving is strictly banned. A full beard requires facial hair growth that covers both the chin and cheek areas entirely. Though this beard style is not hard to grow maintaining it can be tasking.
    Full Beard
  • Mutton Chops Beard Style: This beard style is predominantly popular among the British and particularly liked and worn by male musicians and rock band members. This beard style requires you to prune your side locks so as to allow for their long growth. Once you have achieved growth that has reached your jaw line the rest of the area should be fully shaved or trimmed depending on your preference.
    Mutton Chops