Beard Grooming 101

Beard GroomingIt is a well-known fact that a person’s grooming says a lot about him. Or her, for that matter. Like it or not, how one presents oneself – from hygiene, clothes, accessories, and so on – makes all the difference in how others perceive us. If you take pride in maintaining a certain standard for your general look, then why not pay particular attention to your facial hair as well? In this article, we discuss beard grooming and general beard maintenance tips that will help you keep your beard in tiptop shape.

Now, because the hair growth on your chin is slightly different than that on your head, grooming your beard will take a bit of an extra effort. You can’t just do things haphazardly, after all, why do something if you won’t do it well, right? If you want to look your best, then there’s no use in doing things halfway, or half-heartedly.

Ensure Cleanliness

Before you begin with your beard maintenance, remember that one of the most important steps in beard grooming is for it to be clean. While soap and water works just fine, you may want to use a shampoo and conditioner, to ensure best results. Afterwards, gently pat it dry—don’t rub vigorously, as it may cause skin irritation and hair breakage.

Use the Proper Tools

Proper men’s beard grooming requires the right set of tools. Don’t just hack away at it with any run-of-the-mill scissors or a razor, get yourself the right tools that will help you do the job right. Invest in good quality beard trimmers or clippers. You’ll find that there are beard trimmers available that have an adjustable trimming guide that allows for almost fool-proof trimming. Clippers on the other hand, will allow you to cut closer, and allow you to fine tune grooming your beard to just the way you like it.

A trimmer setting of approximately 1.5mm to 2.5mm is most ideal if you want the appearance of a nicely kept beard—nothing too sparse, but not overgrown either. Begin trimming at the edges, and go in a methodical vertical pattern, so you don’t leave or miss anything out. While beard grooming isn’t exactly rocket science, it does, however, take a certain amount of precision and patience in order for you to get the best results.

Consult a Professional

To ensure that you’re grooming your beard properly, it would be good if you seek professional help on occasion. A good barber will help you choose from the multitude of cool beard styles, and find one that suits you best. Afterwards, you can simply follow from where he left off, making for easier beard grooming and maintenance at home.